Company Administration

Looking After Your Statutory Obligations

Meeting your statutory obligations is a crucial part of running your business, but company administration is also a time-consuming job that takes resources away from other parts of the business. It takes up your time and energy, and the time and energy of members of your team. Twigley has the solution.

We offer a professional company administration service. We will ensure that your records are kept fully up-to-date, and we will look after all filing requirements at the Companies Office, ensuring that they are filed on time.

Company Administration – What We Do And The Records We Keep

  • Annual returns
  • Annual general meeting
  • Share transfers
  • Generally ensuring that filings with the Companies Office are up-to-date, accurate, and completed on time

Saving You Time And Money

By using our company administration services you will save time but you will also save money. Failing to comply with your statutory obligations often results in penalties, some of which can be severe. This includes penalties for failing to provide the correct information, failing to carry out your requirements, or filing late. We ensure none of this happens so that you are not hit in the pocket.

The service is suitable for small companies in Auckland with one or two people, up to much larger organisations. Dealing with company law and regulations is complex, but we take the hassle out of company administration. Our expert team is approachable and professional, and our services are offered at a price that you can afford.

To find out more about our company administration services you should call us today on 09 950 3647.

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